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This page is to help you to get some ideas going. We have added this because we do not have any set menus for our customer to chose from.

Please do not limit your ideas to what is here, remember we do almost anything!!

Also we are always updating this page with new and fresh ideas so please tell me what you'd like to see.

Thank you,

Chef Ned Jung

CEO & Chef Owner

Please remember there are a lot of other food items that are available and that are not on these list's.

Because we are always updating them. Please ask about other food idea items.

Salad Display

Fruit Display

Breakfast Bread Display

Breakfast Pastry Display

Cookie Display

Ice Cream Display

Vegetable Siplay

Meat Display

Cheese Display

Meat & Cheese Display with Mixed Crackers

Seafood Display

Hi Tea Sandwich Display

Vegetable Display

Anti-Pasta Display

Dessert Display

Appetizer Display

Deli Sandwich Display

Cupcake Display

Mixed Mini Quiches

Ceviche' Shooter Cups

Deconstructed Pigs N Blanket with Guinness Beer Mustard

Curry Shrimp Crostini

Deviled Eggs

Custom Flatbread Pizzas

Custom Pizza Rolls

Custom Tea Sandwiches


Salmon Bruschetta

Cold a& Hot Soup Shooters

Skewered Marinated Fresh Mozzarella Balls with Cajun Spiced Watermelon Cubes

Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Philo Cups

Chicken & Cabbage Pot stickers

Stuffed Mushrooms

Custom Appetizer Skewers

Baked Chicken Tenders

Baked & Grilled Chicken Wings

Seafood Stuffed Philo Cups

Potato & Kielbasa Stuffed Philo Cups

Deli Spirals Sandwich Rolls

Fried Cheese Raviolis

Shrimp Cocktail

Chicken & Vegetable Spring Rolls With Sweet & Sour Sauce

Chicken N Waffle Skewers

Organic Mixed Green House Salad

Pasta Salad with Organic Vegetables

Baja Corn Salad

Seafood Pasta Salad

Tabbouleh Salad

Wakame Salad

Cole Slaw

Mediterranean Salad

Fruit Salad

Broccoli Salad

Edamame Salad

Cucumber Salad

Beet Salad

Chilled Asian Salad

Roasted Vegetable Salad

Spinach Salad

Quinoa Salad

Hijiki Salad

Avocado  Salad

Chopped Tomatoes

Tomato Wedges

Sliced Cucumbers

Sliced Red Onions

Chicken Salad

Sliced Roasted Chicken

Sliced Mushrooms



Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Baked Crouton

Shredded Cheese

Peaches (Canned)

Tuna Salad

Bacon Bits


Artichoke Hearts

Mixed Bell Peppers

Pickled Beats

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Mandarin Oranges

Seafood Salad

Diced Ham

Feta Cheese


Kidney Beans

Black Beans

Signature Buttermilk Ranch

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Honey Mustard

Creamy Cucumber

Italian Dressing

Signature Blue Cheese

Raspberry Vinaigrette

Poppy seed Vinaigrette 

Buffalo Ranch 

Mango Vinaigrette

Parmesan Ranch

Avocado Ranch

Ginger Dressing

Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Basil Mayonase

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Seafood Salad Sandwich

Roasted Turkey Sandwich

Avocado & Spicy Chicken

Philly Steak Sandwich

Custom Sub Sandwiches

Roast Beef with Caramelized  Onion Sour Cream

Turkey Club Sandwich

Egg Salad Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich

Pork & Apple Sandwich

Kings Men Italian

Grilled Tuna Sandwich

Custome Deli Sandwiches

Organic Roasted Vegetable Wrap with Southwestern Ranch in a Roasted Garlic Wrap

Corn beef on Pumpernickel

Ham & Baby Swiss

Tomato & Basil with Fresh Mozzarella

BBQ Pork Sandwich

Artichoke & Spinach

Italian Meatball

Reuben Sandwich

Roasted Chicken 

Grilled Chicken

Herb Roasted Chicken

Baked Chicken

Fried Chicken

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken N Dumplings

Tia Grilled Chicken

Chicken Street Tacos

Mediterranean Chicken Kebab

Chicken N Waffles

Chicken Wings (Any Style)

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Piccata

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Stuffed Baked Chicken

Chicken Saratoga

Curry Chcicken

BBQ Smoked Chicken

Polish Chicken Galumpkis

Wild Mushroom Pan Gravy

Basic Pan Gravy or sauce

Mediterranean Glaze

Honey Burbon Glaze

Piccata Sauce

Redeye Gravy

Spicy Sweet Cream Syrup

Buffalo Sauce

Curry Coconut Sauce

White Wine Sauce

Southwestern Glaze

Tomato Tapenade

Pesto Cream Sauce

Soy Ginger Glaze

Sesame Ginger Glaze

Parmesan Cream Sauce

Tomato Marinara 

BBQ Sauce

Roast Beef

Herb Roast Beef

Grilled NY Strip Streaks

Smoked Beef Brisket

Curried Beef

Asian Beef Tips

Beef Wellington

Filet Mignon

Mediterranean Beef Kebab

Meat Loaf



Italian Meat Balls

Polish Meat Balls

Beef Street Tacos

Grilled Ribeye Steaks

Beef Carving Stations

Polish Beef Galumpkis

Au Jus

Cranberry Au Jus

Wild Mushroom & Caramelized - Onion Gravy

Wild Musroom Sauce

Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Horseradish Cream Sauce

Herb Compound Butter

Tomato Tapenade

Pesto Cream Sauce

Soy Ginger Glaze

Sesame Ginger Glaze

Mediterranean Glaze

Honey Burbon Glaze


Dry Rubbed

Roast Pork Tenderloin with Signature Dry Rub

Signature 12 Hour Smoked BBQ

Mediterranean Pork Kebab

Polish Pork Galumpkis

Stuffed Pork tenderloin

Stuffed Pork Chop

Smoked Pork Chop

Pork Tacos
Cuban Sandwich
Pork Kebab
Sautéed pork Cutlet
Braised Pork
Baked Pork Chop
Spanish Braised Pork

Apple Cranberry Relish in a Spiced Rum & Mango Juice

Dried Fruit Topped with a Mediterranean Glaze

House Signature BBQ Sauce

Pork Au Jus

Asian Pork Sauce

Chipolata Sour Cream

Sweet & Sour Sauce
Dijon Mustard Glaze
Apple Sauce Spiced Tapenade
Gorgonzola Cream Sauce
Herb Compound Butter
Tomato Sauce
Swedish Onions Sauce
Creamy Country Gravy
Please Note: Seafood is a wide term, including but not limited to Salmon, Scallops, Tilapia, Crab, Shrimp, Calamari/ Squid, Trout, Bass, Sea Bass, Turbo, Flounder, Lobster, Cod, Shark, Clams, Mussels, Oysters, Crawfish, Eel and so on! Seafood is a blank canvas way tooo many options to list!

Baked Salmon

Baked Seafood

Mediterranean Shrimp Kebab

Seafood Kebab

Grilled Cajun Salmon

Poached Seafood/ Fish

Baked Other Fishes

Ceviche' dishes

Crab Caked 

Crusted Seafoods

Grilled Other Fishes
Seafood & Other boils
Seafood ravioli
Seafood Pasta Dishes
Shrimp Cocktail
Smoked Salmon & Seafood Items
Cured Salmon & Seafood Items
Oysters Rockefeller
Fried Catfish

Mango Salsa

Citrus Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

tarter Sauce


Pesto Sauces

Southwestern Aioli's

Southwestern Tarter sauces

New Orleans Sauces

Creole Sauces

Butter Sauce
Mediterranean Sauces
Asian Sauces
Sweet & Sour Sauces
Tia Sauces
Curry Sauces
Sesame Sauce
Glazes: Asian, Mediterranean, Greek, Etc.
Scampi Sauces

Lasagna Just Beef or Mix of Spice Pork Sausage & Beef

Stuffed Italian Shells

Endless Mix of Tacos

Endless Mix of Asian Dishes

Soup & Salads

American Indian Dishes

Meatballs in Marinara Sauce Over spaghetti

Eggplant Parmesan

Mixed Enchiladas

Endless Mix of Pasta Dishes

Endless Mix of Asian Dishes

Cous Cous Dishes

Indian Dishes

Chicken N Dumplings


Asian Stir Fries

Basil Wraps


Soup & Sandwiches

Hummus Dishes

Scrambled Eggs
Cheesy Eggs
Pan Cakes (Different Flavors)
Omelet Station
Mini Quiches
Hash browns
Belgian Waffles
Cheesy Grits
Grits & Gravy
Biscuits & Grays
Oat Meal (Different Flavors)
French Toast
Fruit, Granola & Yogurt Bowl
Fruit Displays
Mix of Fresh Baked Breakfast Breads
Mix of Breakfast Pastries
Breakfast Hash (Mix of vegetables & Potatoes)
Sweet Cream Syrup
Maple Syrup
Cajun Sweet Cream Syrup
Mix of Different Berry & Fruit Toppings
Mix of Different Cream Cheeses
Mix of Different Butters
Coffees with Signature Creamers

Potato Bar with Fixings

Pasta Bar

Breakfast Bar

Taco Bar

Chili Bar

Nacho Bar

Raw Bar

Seafood Bar

Soup Bar

Sweet Potato Bar with Fixings

Dessert Bar

Ice Cream Bar

Salad Bar

Sandwich Bar

Pizza Bar

Hot Dog Bar

Burger Bar

Mini Cheese Bits (Cakes NY, Truffle, Raspberry & White Chocolate)

Mini Cup Cakes

Logo Sheet Cakes

Full & Half Sheet Cakes (Basic Styles)

Specialty Desserts for Smaller Parties (15 and under)

Mixed Cookies


Brownie Bits

Cobblers (Peach, Apple, Mixed Berry, etc.)